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Dr Faustus : A Teaching Folder

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This brand new teaching folder has been written specifically for Edexcel's Unit Four, Text in Context. The folder offers you a complete scheme of work to use when teaching students how to explore Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus from a director's perspective in terms of both rehearsal approaches and overall directorial interpretations for a production.

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The folder contains a series of teaching ideas/plans with a wealth of accompanying photopcopiable student handout sheets. It covers many different topics and ideas, all of which will help students to adopt an original and independent directorial vision for this Elizabethan play.

The folder could be followed sequentially, used as a complete revision course, or could be used to compliment your own schemes. It covers topics such as:
Exam hints, tips and exam-style questions for this module.

The play’s context, looking at the playwright’s style, his cultural context, theatre at the time and Marlowe’s influences.

The style and conventions of the play, exploring how Marlowe was influenced by the morality plays of his day and how such features could be performed to a modern day audience.

Exploring the genre of tragedy, from Aristotle’s classical definition of tragedy right up to modern day directors' ideas about tragic heroes and whether Faustus could be directed or performed as a tragic hero.

Detailed exploration of the play’s protagonist, Faustus, his quest for power, how to approach the character through rehearsals, his relationship with Mephistopheles, his encounter with Lucifer, how to convey the changes in Faustus’ character as the play progresses and his final descent into hell. The folder provides a wealth of resources that will enable students to consider this role from a rehearsal perspective, as well as providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the role (that is required for Section B).

Detailed exploration of some of the play’s supporting roles, such as looking at the comedic potential of roles such as Wagner and Robin and how they could be approached in rehearsals and performance ideas.

Looking at the play from a thematic viewpoint and considering how themes such as religion and the Elizabethans’ religious ideas could be portrayed to a modern audience.

Looking at the comic elements of the play and considering the performance style needed for these, such as looking at how certain roles could be approached using slapstick performance techniques.

Marlowe’s use of the chorus and how to direct such a device.

Marlowe’s use of Renaissance conventions and how modern day directors and performers could tackle these.

Looking at the play from a design perspective, considering the theatre space needed for such a production, helping students to create an original design concept.

Throughout the folder there are many exam-style questions to help students consolidate their knowledge and revise the play, as well as planning sheets and a rehearsal log sheet.

Planning for a new set text can be very time consuming and we guarantee that this folder will lighten your workload and let you enjoy your summer holiday!

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